Jan. 26th, 2012

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I wonder if I should stop saying that I'm not judgmental. Because I don't think I am, but the last few times I heard/saw someone saying it I could instantly think of exceptions, so maybe I'm wrong and just have a mental disconnect about it. Because humans are ridiculously good at mental disconnects and god knows I can't be the only one who's immune.

And then I start thinking about how there would be so much less conflict and more actual attempts at logic if more people recognised that their brains are not flawless reasoning machines and their personal subjective experience is just that: subjective and not definitive proof of anything. Even multiple people's subjective experience matching up isn't proof that something is true; do you believe in UFOs because a lot of people claim to have been abducted by them? How could mutually exclusive religions exist if their followers' experiences (sensing/speaking to God, feeling auras/energies, etc) proved each religion to be true?

And then I realise that I sometimes judge people who act as though there's no way they can be wrong, or say stuff as fact that's easily shown to be untrue, even though I'm more than likely guilty of that stuff as well. Because brains are flawed and everyone needs a reality check sometimes, including me. And I definitely judge people who go out of their way to reject that reality check.

So I can't call myself non-judgmental. I could call myself less judgmental than a lot of people. I could even say that I perceive myself as less judgmental than a lot of people and have had that perception reinforced by the observations of other people, though that doesn't roll off the tongue as nicely.

Anyway, this got long and rambling and I have cooking and washing up to do.


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