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Corpus Callosum ([personal profile] cazrolime) wrote2012-01-07 05:50 pm

Uninteresting Real Life Post

We don't have any kind of vacuum cleaner and will not have for quite some time, so I'm getting used to sweeping. #hardcorehousekeeping

Luckily, this house has zero carpets, otherwise this would be a lot more annoying. And, since I only have to deal with concrete and stone, I think I actually prefer sweeping to vacuuming. It's a pain that it takes longer, but it's also a better workout and it's a hell of a lot easier to get a broom up our Doom Stairs of Death than it would be a hoover.

Also it feels kind of old fashioned and I'm a horrible hipster who likes vinyl and everything.

In other news, for dinner I'm cooking thin strips of beef wrapped around vegetables and mustard and bacon and stuff. It smells. Awesome. I didn't get it going as early as I would have liked because bluh bluh motivation issues, but it'll be ready in time for dinner, so /waves hands vaguely

I talked to my mum today, and she observed that every time we've Skyped I've been in the kitchen. I've turned into a nice little housewife. More or less.

So yeah, this day starting out under a cloud of blehh because I didn't get productive in time and intensely disliked myself for it. But it has developed into something quietly enjoyable, thanks to very good music and a number of small victories. I even finally remembered to take our eight zillion empty beer bottles back to the shop, for recycling or refilling or whatever they want to do with them, and that's a job that's been waiting for my attention for longer than I want to remember.

What else? Well, we might actually have a microwave come Monday. When we moved into this house there was one from, I am not kidding you, the early 1980s; it was giant and black and bulky and the timer didn't work so I always had to use my phone's timer and stop the cooking manually. And then it broke and so we only had the crockpot and hobs for Christmas and New Year. Every time the repairs have been delayed our landlord's just said "welcome to Mexico".

But! He's decided that it's more cost-effective to just buy a new microwave than try to hunt down parts that are almost a decade older than I am. So hopefully I will soon be able to throw leftovers in the microondas as god intended.

And this has been a post.

ps Our Christmas lights are still up and we intend on leaving them there until February at least. COME AT ME.
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[personal profile] alegitimateeagle 2012-01-08 12:40 am (UTC)(link)

might be the dirty pagan in me but GOSH I LOVE SWEEPING. Switch me, I hate vacuuming (and I swear to god my vacuum throws sparks).
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caz i love your faaaaaaaace