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Bloody Bingo: the post: the movie

[personal profile] nan posted about doing [community profile] bloodyvalentine's Bloody Bingo challenge, and I couldn't let her have all the fun.

So apparently I'm volunteering to write (and draw) sexual things. For those of you not in the know, I write sexual things about as frequently as frogs fly over the rainbow. But hey, I'm trying to push my boundaries when it comes to art styles, so why not comfort zones as well?

body horror
medical kink

Continuing in the vein of self-improvement (or possibly self-flagellation), most of these are a challenge to myself rather than kinks I have. And the Xeno one will probably turn into an excuse to draw mermaids.

Hey [personal profile] lienne, I don't know if you've come across this before, but it's basically Kink Bingo with emphasis on bloody stuff. No idea why, but I have a strange feeling that it might be right up your alley.
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gfjgfjgf caz ilu

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you are a beautiful person
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caz you make me happy

i want to hug you with my arms

i want to wrap you in my heart and carry you with me wherever i go

i love you
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i love your snuggles

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Aw yis. \o/
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I will help you not chicken out! Feel free to hit me up for idea bouncing. :3