cazrolime: Text: "I'm gonna kick some ass with my pipe wrench" (other . PIPE WRENCH FIGHT)
Corpus Callosum ([personal profile] cazrolime) wrote2012-02-07 10:45 pm

oh my god

Parcel Force have sat around scratching themselves for four days (for a "two day delivery") and then given me an error message on the tracking page. And no delivery.

I am never going to get this bloody background check holy shitdonkeys.

Edit: Though we do have gas and hot water again as of today (technically as of yesterday, but there was air in the pipes that had to be worked out so not so much), so I guess every cloud has a god-yes-I-can-cook-and-shower-and-do-the-washing-up-again lining.

Son of edit: Also the tracking page is REALLY UNCLEAR but kind of implies that it might've been sent back to England? I don't even know. At least if it is in England and gets returned to mum, maybe she'll send it by DHL the second time like we originally asked her to.

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