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Corpus Callosum ([personal profile] cazrolime) wrote2011-12-22 09:37 pm

I'll just leave this here...

(Originally posted on LJ on the 17th March 2011.)

Incorrect: "Anytime" -- which is an incorrect adjective model to the tune of "everyday" (which is, in fact, an adjective, not a propositional phrase)

Proper: "Any time." (Which is a prepositional phrase.)

WRONG: "I wear these clothes everyday."
RIGHT: "This is my everyday look."

Originally here. Sometimes anonymous makes me so happy. Although "anytime" has been absorbed into everyday informal language, so it only strikes me as odd if a character from way in the past is using it or something.

I should maybe start following the -secrets comms again, because both times I've stuck my head into them recently I've discovered something cool. But I won't, because if I do I'll emerge weeks later, blinking in the sunlight and wondering where all my time disappeared to.

As I was writing this, [personal profile] aingsty_acts linked me to a beautiful, wonderful website which corrects mounds upon mounds of common errors. I... I think the site and I need some time alone right now.

According to the laws of irony, there will be a grammatical error somewhere in this post.

Vital edit: Please take a moment to enjoy the antics of that friendly creature, the Alot.

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