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My laptop is covered in Christmas lights because my boyfriend is literally the best person in the world.

And I have a new washing up sponge to replace the old dirty one.

And I am playing me some croony Bing Crosby.

And we managed to find apple cider at the supermarket yesterday.

And I have this excellent herby slightly spicy beef mince to make spaghetti bolognaise with.

And I am making the kitchen noticeably cleaner.

And I have a degree and a job, how did that even happen.

And did I mention that my boyfriend is brilliant?

And I get to live in a country I never thought I'd visit.

And learning Spanish is coming along surprisingly well.

And the guys at the shop I usually buy groceries at are friendly and cool with helping me learn it, so it's not nearly so awkward as it might be.

And I'm going to Skype with my mum and brother this Christmas.

And it's nearly Christmas.

And the kitchen is full of sunlight.


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