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Corpus Callosum ([personal profile] cazrolime) wrote2011-12-28 06:17 pm

2011: the year of fanart and shipping

It's an art summary! Click the image for full-size.

January: Shipping and violence. [x]
February: Shipping and violence, but lazier. [x]
March: Shipping and violence. [x]
April: I didn't upload anything in April, so here's a lion dude from late March. He eats people's wives and then makes their husbands juleps using harsh african mint just to be a troll. [x]
May: I could put any amount of original or good art here, but instead I've chosen Alex Kralie with a cock on his shoulder. [x]
June: Dinosaur sketches! [x]
July: Rawr! I should draw these guys more often. They're not the most original species in the world, but they're a bunch of fun. [x]
August: The month in which I finally realised I should practice shadows and atmosphere. [x]
September: And back to fanart. Minecraft and a foray into painting rather than just outlining. [x]
October: The month of an obsession with nice friendly mermaids. [x]
November: I think I drew this in November. Whenever it was, it was the advent of my drawing non-deformed human noses without having to meticulously reference them. [x]
December: Furries. [x]

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