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Name:Corpus Callosum
Birthdate:Sep 1
You know how it is when it happens, like a search that's ended. And the wonderful relief at having found someone to go home and talk to, who knows you, understands your work and everything you're going through. ~Dervla Kirwan

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amnesia: the dark descent, applying lyrics to everything, awesome disfigurements, bailamos, being a nice people, being a procrastination sensation, being an interdimensional crackbaby, being mirror alex, bioshock, comeonandgimmiesomemore, crazy-ass shit, cuddly lobsters, cyth otp, every day is punday, fan fiction, feeling like p diddy, filthy drops, fontaine with a nailgun, gratuitous semi-nudity, gratuitous total nudity, gray's house of waffles, heroes before it sucked, hot bubbly gene baths, how things work, industrial basslines, lord of the rings, marble hornets, mouette's a bad influence, my overlord slenderlamb, non-moe sylar, nonstandard definitions of love, philip/daniel being totally platonic, pop psychology, reading, roleplay, sander fucking cohen, saving instead of harvesting, science working that way, screaminglikeneverbefore, singing in the shower, slenderman, splicing alex kralie, stealing brains, suiting up, superpowers, sybrows, the gay agenda, thewayyoumoveonthefloor, writing, wubbleyous
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