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So as not to leave anyone in unnecessary suspense (since stress and nervous tension are now serious social problems in all parts of the galaxy), I would like to make the following statements:

1. I got my background check! (Which you already know if you're on my access list.)

2. I got my Chilean work visa!

3. I therefore have a job for at least the next six months!!!

And now I... well, I kind of just want to lie down and sleep, but there is ever more work to do. But I am also glad and excited!
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A Study in ScarletA Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Though it veered off on a tangent halfway through that made me wonder if the publisher had pasted in a Victorian-era Western for a practical joke, this book never lost my attention. Having read quite a few of Doyle's short Sherlock Holmes stories, I was interested to read the detective's first outing, and it was a huge amount of fun. I don't believe I shall ever get tired of finding out how Holmes comes to his conclusions, and the Western segment -- even though its characterisation is a bit shallow -- had me freaking out over the fates of the characters and trying to work out how they would fit into the overall mystery.

I've been told that Doyle wrote better short stories than he did novels, but this book stands up to a lot of his better shorts. And it also continues the trend of Sherlock Holmes stories making me want to type all Victorian. So there's that as well.

Since Doyle books are out of print, I picked up two or three of his non-Sherlock novels free from a site along the lines of Project Gutenberg! One of them, The Parasite, I really really want to start but I promised to read it with my boyfriend and we're reading Watership Down first so aaaa. I will have to practice patience.
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Fever Dream (Pendergast, #10)Fever Dream by Douglas Preston

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Fever Dream could have been a good book. The central premise -- that Pendergast finds out his dead wife was murdered, seeks revenge on her killers, and goes on to discover secrets she kept from him -- is intriguing, and there are a few good set-pieces, such as a car chase through a Louisiana swamp. And Preston & Child aren't terrible authors; I enjoyed the two Diogenes-featuring novels in this series, albeit only by ignoring a lot of extraneous words that were probably meant to sound clever.

Cut for length. )

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This just in: Kelly is still the best.


70 icons )

The hotel situation is coming along well! Mostly because we've dumped the old hotel for one where we're not three people in a room for two and where our toilet flushes properly. It's amazing the difference a decent hotel can make for your experience of a city. Anyway, should be able to pick up the work visas tomorrow, and then we can vamoose!
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Three of us in a hotel room for two. The other two both snore really loudly. WHEEEEE

But we're in Mexico City and getting those work visas at last so all in all, hell yes. Can't type too much as I have to stay quiet so as to not wake the others up. (It's half past nine THEY ARE ROBOTS NO REAL PEOPLE ARE ALREADY ASLEEP AT HALF PAST NINE........)

I made a crapload of PB icons of Kelly from the first episode of Misfits. She pulls the best facial expressions.


I got 95 icons and a bitch ain't one )

aaaaaahhhh I'm being thrown off the laptop goodnight

oh my god

Feb. 7th, 2012 10:45 pm
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Parcel Force have sat around scratching themselves for four days (for a "two day delivery") and then given me an error message on the tracking page. And no delivery.

I am never going to get this bloody background check holy shitdonkeys.

Edit: Though we do have gas and hot water again as of today (technically as of yesterday, but there was air in the pipes that had to be worked out so not so much), so I guess every cloud has a god-yes-I-can-cook-and-shower-and-do-the-washing-up-again lining.

Son of edit: Also the tracking page is REALLY UNCLEAR but kind of implies that it might've been sent back to England? I don't even know. At least if it is in England and gets returned to mum, maybe she'll send it by DHL the second time like we originally asked her to.
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On the downside, we have no gas and no hot water, which puts kind of a damper on showers and washing up and cooking and other such non-essentials as that. And the landlord hasn't answered my emails about those problems yet and the phone number he gave us isn't working.

But on the considerably blinding bright side, mum gave me a tracking number and it looks like the background check from yesterday's locked post should arrive in the mail tomorrow! (All things going well and assuming that the Mexican postal service doesn't decide the handwriting on the envelope is funny and drop it in a ditch somewhere.)

And we still have electricity, so I can microwave water to do washing up. Ain't no punk lack of hot water gonna keep me from being barefoot and in the kitchen.

All things weighed against one another, not a bad day.
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[personal profile] nan posted about doing [community profile] bloodyvalentine's Bloody Bingo challenge, and I couldn't let her have all the fun.

So apparently I'm volunteering to write (and draw) sexual things. For those of you not in the know, I write sexual things about as frequently as frogs fly over the rainbow. But hey, I'm trying to push my boundaries when it comes to art styles, so why not comfort zones as well?

My bingo card, involving gore and other such nasty stuff. )

Continuing in the vein of self-improvement (or possibly self-flagellation), most of these are a challenge to myself rather than kinks I have. And the Xeno one will probably turn into an excuse to draw mermaids.

Hey [personal profile] lienne, I don't know if you've come across this before, but it's basically Kink Bingo with emphasis on bloody stuff. No idea why, but I have a strange feeling that it might be right up your alley.
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For some days now I've been pondering an entry concerning the marvellous layout of this house. It is built with a very small courtyard in the centre of the second floor, not a hair's breadth more than six feet square, so that every room, no matter how deeply buried, might have the luxury of windows or at least a skylight. Strangely, though, the incident which prompts me now to share this observation also forces me to add that this ingenious design would have proved more useful had last night's power cut taken place instead during the full glow of day.


I've also been reading a metric arse-tonne of Sherlock Holmes, so that actually came more naturally to me than modern speech patterns. WHOOPS.

The story with the hat and the goose and all may be the drunkest thing I have ever read, it was amazing. And my friend Rach (who is the undisputed lord of all things old-crime-story) has been showing me clips from the red-heads episode of the Jeremy Brett TV series, which can only be described as beautiful. I've only seen a couple of clips so far but Brett seems to make a fantastically animated Sherlock Holmes while still keeping him refined, so he doesn't play him as some humourless Victorian stereotype but also doesn't turn him into a complete ruffian. (Don't get me wrong, I like the RDJ movies or at least the second because I still haven't seen the first whoops, but he seems to play Captain Jack Sparrow more than he does Sherlock Holmes.)

And for those interested, the power cut knocked out the whole street and it was very exciting. We all went and chilled on the roof, and I read books, and my boss took the opportunity to take a bunch of photographs without the street-lights messing with the contrast.
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I wonder if I should stop saying that I'm not judgmental. Because I don't think I am, but the last few times I heard/saw someone saying it I could instantly think of exceptions, so maybe I'm wrong and just have a mental disconnect about it. Because humans are ridiculously good at mental disconnects and god knows I can't be the only one who's immune.

And then I start thinking about how there would be so much less conflict and more actual attempts at logic if more people recognised that their brains are not flawless reasoning machines and their personal subjective experience is just that: subjective and not definitive proof of anything. Even multiple people's subjective experience matching up isn't proof that something is true; do you believe in UFOs because a lot of people claim to have been abducted by them? How could mutually exclusive religions exist if their followers' experiences (sensing/speaking to God, feeling auras/energies, etc) proved each religion to be true?

And then I realise that I sometimes judge people who act as though there's no way they can be wrong, or say stuff as fact that's easily shown to be untrue, even though I'm more than likely guilty of that stuff as well. Because brains are flawed and everyone needs a reality check sometimes, including me. And I definitely judge people who go out of their way to reject that reality check.

So I can't call myself non-judgmental. I could call myself less judgmental than a lot of people. I could even say that I perceive myself as less judgmental than a lot of people and have had that perception reinforced by the observations of other people, though that doesn't roll off the tongue as nicely.

Anyway, this got long and rambling and I have cooking and washing up to do.
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There are people on tumblr getting furious because a little girl wore a fauxhawk while being white. According to the folks who keep their oppression radars on too sensitive a setting, her parents are teaching her to steal and commit genocide because they let her get a haircut she likes.

For crying out loud, tumblr.

Why is it wrong to like something because it’s good? Why should people only be allowed to wear or like or do something if they happened to be born into the culture that originated it?

I make burritos all the damn time because they’re delicious, and because I’m in Mexico right now so the ingredients are easy to come by. But wait, I’m white, so should I not be allowed to do that? And should I start getting pissed off and offended whenever someone from the USA writes about Jack the Giant Killer and other British myths and legends, or eats fish and chips, or drinks tea, or — but wait, tea wasn’t originally English, so I should stop drinking that as well I guess.

Obviously people will have different ideas about where the limit of good taste is: for instance, I find it strange to romanticise and long after a whole culture based on liking one part of it (the way some people do with Japan). And I know I’m kinda privileged in the sense that nobody’s come into my country recently and carried off all the nicest stuff. But I have serious trouble understanding why some people think there should be these rigidly drawn lines between cultures that can never ever be crossed or else you’re being horrible and racist.

If cultures were never allowed to mix, there would be no Elvis, no TexMex, no pre-packed sushi in Tesco or tortillas in WalMart, and a hell of a lot more people who see other cultures as weird and alien because they've never been allowed to see them as familiar.

If something is good, I don’t think someone should be insulted and ridiculed for liking it because they have the wrong parents or the wrong colour skin.

And that’s my effortpost on the whole thing, I guess.
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We don't have any kind of vacuum cleaner and will not have for quite some time, so I'm getting used to sweeping. #hardcorehousekeeping

Luckily, this house has zero carpets, otherwise this would be a lot more annoying. And, since I only have to deal with concrete and stone, I think I actually prefer sweeping to vacuuming. It's a pain that it takes longer, but it's also a better workout and it's a hell of a lot easier to get a broom up our Doom Stairs of Death than it would be a hoover.

Also it feels kind of old fashioned and I'm a horrible hipster who likes vinyl and everything.

In other news, for dinner I'm cooking thin strips of beef wrapped around vegetables and mustard and bacon and stuff. It smells. Awesome. I didn't get it going as early as I would have liked because bluh bluh motivation issues, but it'll be ready in time for dinner, so /waves hands vaguely

I talked to my mum today, and she observed that every time we've Skyped I've been in the kitchen. I've turned into a nice little housewife. More or less.

So yeah, this day starting out under a cloud of blehh because I didn't get productive in time and intensely disliked myself for it. But it has developed into something quietly enjoyable, thanks to very good music and a number of small victories. I even finally remembered to take our eight zillion empty beer bottles back to the shop, for recycling or refilling or whatever they want to do with them, and that's a job that's been waiting for my attention for longer than I want to remember.

What else? Well, we might actually have a microwave come Monday. When we moved into this house there was one from, I am not kidding you, the early 1980s; it was giant and black and bulky and the timer didn't work so I always had to use my phone's timer and stop the cooking manually. And then it broke and so we only had the crockpot and hobs for Christmas and New Year. Every time the repairs have been delayed our landlord's just said "welcome to Mexico".

But! He's decided that it's more cost-effective to just buy a new microwave than try to hunt down parts that are almost a decade older than I am. So hopefully I will soon be able to throw leftovers in the microondas as god intended.

And this has been a post.

ps Our Christmas lights are still up and we intend on leaving them there until February at least. COME AT ME.
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It's an art summary! Click the image for full-size.

January: Shipping and violence. [x]
February: Shipping and violence, but lazier. [x]
March: Shipping and violence. [x]
April: I didn't upload anything in April, so here's a lion dude from late March. He eats people's wives and then makes their husbands juleps using harsh african mint just to be a troll. [x]
May: I could put any amount of original or good art here, but instead I've chosen Alex Kralie with a cock on his shoulder. [x]
June: Dinosaur sketches! [x]
July: Rawr! I should draw these guys more often. They're not the most original species in the world, but they're a bunch of fun. [x]
August: The month in which I finally realised I should practice shadows and atmosphere. [x]
September: And back to fanart. Minecraft and a foray into painting rather than just outlining. [x]
October: The month of an obsession with nice friendly mermaids. [x]
November: I think I drew this in November. Whenever it was, it was the advent of my drawing non-deformed human noses without having to meticulously reference them. [x]
December: Furries. [x]
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Daniel from Amnesia: The Dark Descent this time. This includes trying to reverse-engineer his insanity meter into something that actually makes sense in real life, so trigger warnings for that and domestic abuse talk (for all the zero people who actually read this blog). Oh, and game spoilers, obviously.

Victorian stuff and Wikipedia ahoy! )
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…and she took me on the most amazing journey through internet conspiracy theory that I have ever experienced.

Did you know that the government staged 9/11 so that the Arabs could take over? She didn’t say what they were taking over, but damn it, they were taking over something. And not just the terrorists, not even the Muslims, but every single Arab person.

And she psychically “saw” that 9/11 would happen three days before it did. And did I know she read something once that said the time delay between Earth and the Astral Plane is… three days? It’s because we “live in time” and the Astral Plane doesn’t. When I asked, she couldn’t quite remember how this had been found out.

Cut for teal deer. )

We also talked about how she’d travelled around being a fashion designer when she was younger, which was interesting in the regular way rather than holding a “holy shit, how far does the rabbithole go” fascination.

I told this story to my boyfriend when I got home with the food, and he reckons she was trolling me, but she seemed so sincere in person that I just don't know.
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My laptop is covered in Christmas lights because my boyfriend is literally the best person in the world.

And I have a new washing up sponge to replace the old dirty one.

And I am playing me some croony Bing Crosby.

And we managed to find apple cider at the supermarket yesterday.

And I have this excellent herby slightly spicy beef mince to make spaghetti bolognaise with.

And I am making the kitchen noticeably cleaner.

And I have a degree and a job, how did that even happen.

And did I mention that my boyfriend is brilliant?

And I get to live in a country I never thought I'd visit.

And learning Spanish is coming along surprisingly well.

And the guys at the shop I usually buy groceries at are friendly and cool with helping me learn it, so it's not nearly so awkward as it might be.

And I'm going to Skype with my mum and brother this Christmas.

And it's nearly Christmas.

And the kitchen is full of sunlight.
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When I was in primary and secondary school, I'm pretty sure most of the people who hailed me in the corridor didn't actually know my name. To most people and probably even some teachers I was Readabook Girl. And it vaguely disappoints me that, what with tumblr and Something Awful and roleplay and all sorts of other distractions, I haven't lived up to that name in a while. I read, but not nearly as insatiably as before.

So I'm trying to get back into the mindset of a reader of books rather than just a browser of the internet. When it comes to killing my attention span looking at memes versus trying out new stories and genres of novels, which one seems like a better idea, honestly? Especially since I'm supposed to be a writer or something. /side-eyes eight hundred unfinished manuscripts

On that note, I just finished my first noir novel. It was The Dain Curse by Dashiell Hammett, and the experience of reading it can be summed up like this:

In other words, it was awesome.

Next on my reading list is Lockdown, the first book in the Escape from Furnace series -- which is nominally for kids, but when did I ever let that stop me? I read the first few chapters last night and it's a hell of a lot of fun so far, even if the idea of a young offenders' prison deep underground seems a bit poorly justified so far. The prison's got enough creepy mysterious nastiness about it that I'm sure a better explanation will turn up in a plot twist at some point.

Also there's a mysteriously villainous chap in a gas mask, and you pretty much can't go wrong with one of those.
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(Originally posted on LJ on the 17th March 2011.)

Incorrect: "Anytime" -- which is an incorrect adjective model to the tune of "everyday" (which is, in fact, an adjective, not a propositional phrase)

Proper: "Any time." (Which is a prepositional phrase.)

WRONG: "I wear these clothes everyday."
RIGHT: "This is my everyday look."

Originally here. Sometimes anonymous makes me so happy. Although "anytime" has been absorbed into everyday informal language, so it only strikes me as odd if a character from way in the past is using it or something.

I should maybe start following the -secrets comms again, because both times I've stuck my head into them recently I've discovered something cool. But I won't, because if I do I'll emerge weeks later, blinking in the sunlight and wondering where all my time disappeared to.

As I was writing this, [personal profile] aingsty_acts linked me to a beautiful, wonderful website which corrects mounds upon mounds of common errors. I... I think the site and I need some time alone right now.

According to the laws of irony, there will be a grammatical error somewhere in this post.

Vital edit: Please take a moment to enjoy the antics of that friendly creature, the Alot.
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(Originally posted on LJ on the 14th November 2011.)

Stream-of-consciousness. Fairly long. Largely not yet fact-checked against entries, as I've been going by memory for the most part. Contains associated discussion of what I might do with Kralie in the roleplay I have him in, because I'm that kind of lamentable person.

Big McLargehuge spoilers up to Entry 52. )
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Originally posted image by image on tumblr, but reading backwards sucks.

Then posted as an entry remarkably similar to this one on livejournal, but now livejournal sucks.

Now posted on Dreamwidth. Third time lucky?!

The following clips are raw footage excerpts from Alex Kralie, a college friend of mine.

In 2006, Alex was in the process of shooting his student film, entitled Oregon Trail. Over the three months that this took place, his film crew complained of freak weather, illness, injured oxen and poor fording decisions.

Alex and his crew vanished without a trace, but these images came into my hands. At the time I was too unnerved to look through them, and eventually forgot about them.

A few days ago I found them filed away in the back of my images folder.

Season 1 )


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